We're a coworking space at Purdue University that serves the unique needs of passionate students, acting as the center of creative culture in West Lafayette.

We are The Anvil

Started in 2013, we're the largest student-run coworking space in the country, located at 320 North Street West Lafayette, IN.
Why choose Us?


Members have access to our network of advisors and mentors, including legal, banking, and accounting service providers.

Why choose Us?


We want our members to be their best, so The Anvil provides a range of training services, from year-round workshops to online subscriptions to services like Treehouse.

Why choose Us?


Wi-Fi, desks, whiteboards, coffee, and 24/7 access to all of our facilities. We make sure our members' basic needs are met.

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As an Anvil member, you'll have access to a number of benefits

Member-only Events

Workshops for members only, which focus on networking, training, and programming skills.

24/7 Access

The Anvil is open 24/7 for members as a space to create and collaborate.

Powerful Community

Membership puts you at the center of a community of passionate individuals who doing big things.

Kitchen Access

You'll have full access to the Anvil kitchen, which includes free coffee, food, and drinks.

Further Your Idea

The Anvil will help you take your ideas to the next level with high-quality mentors and support.

Member Subscriptions

Subscriptions to various web services which enable you to further your skills even more.

Our Ventures

Some of the awesome ventures that have come out of The Anvil



  • Full 24/7 Access
  • Open coworking
  • All amenities included


  • Full 24/7 Access
  • Open coworking
  • All amenities included


  • Full member benefits
  • Reserved dedicated space
  • Promotional benefits

Our Team

Grant Gumina

Grant Gumina

Grant is a senior and the current Director of The Anvil, running the day-to-day operations of the space and overseeing short-and-long term objectives.
Juliana Casavan

Juliana Casavan

An employee of Purdue Research Foundation, Juliana serves as a advisor and representative to ensure The Anvil's continual success.
Josh Clark

Shane DeWael

Director of Outreach
Shane is a freshman in charge of recruiting new members and resources for The Anvil as well as serving as a point of contact for members and businesses.
Mehak Vohra

Mehak Vohra

Marketing Strategist
Mehak is a freshman that acts as the figurehead for The Anvil, developing social media presence and participation.
Varun Mavilla

Varun Mavilla

Director of Finance
Varun is a freshman that is in charge of the financial direction, assuming the responsibility of ensuring The Anvil's financial success.
Ayush Goel

Ayush Goel

Strategic advisor
Ayush is graduate student that acts as a strategic advisor to The Anvil, aiding in financial and managerial tasks.
Ivan Zhang

Ivan Zhang

VP of Custodial Affairs
Ivan is co-VP of Custodial Affairs, handling the enormous task of retaining The Anvil's hard-earned beauty.
Jack Hammons

Jack Hammons


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