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What is the Anvil?

The format of work has drastically changed in the last few years. Over half a million people are new business owners. 53 million Americans are now freelancing. More and more people are setting out on there own to forge their own business. In short,

people are changing the way that they work.

The Anvil is powering this movement by providing a space in which this new class of worker can work and the community experience they want and need. By providing a great location close to campus, an outstanding member base, and countless events to help you build and develop your idea, the Anvil is the next generation of workplace. In addition to our amazing experience, the Anvil has all the amenities you could want.



Joining the Anvil is just a matter of filling out an application. Membership levels are simple and determined by how you are using the space. Dues are collected each month and discounts are offered for paying for longer time periods.

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Where is it?

Being focused on community, we knew that the Anvil couldn't be located in just any building. The historic University Church building, first built in 1939 and added onto in 1959, has integrated itself in the Purdue and West Lafayette community in a way that few other buildings can. We knew it would be a perfect fit for our needs and the needs of our members.

Located a block from campus and a short walk from Chauncey,

the Anvil is a prime spot to come work on your project or business.

Who visits?

The Anvil is home to advisors, mentors, entrepreneuers, freelancers and all kinds of people who love working with amazing people.

With 7 startups and over 60 members calling the Anvil home,

it is easy to find the kind of people you are looking for. Visit the Anvil and you can find co-founders, developers, designers and legal advisors — everything you need to get your idea off the ground.

What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities...
Kurt Vonnegut, Indiana Author

Why coworking?

Maybe you are working on a side project. Maybe you are starting a new company. The important thing is that now

being a solo entrepreneur doesn't have to mean being alone.

The Anvil provides more than just a desk at which to work. These days that's not enough. These days you need more. Community is the new cubicle. Let's work together, better.

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